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Celebrities Speak Out Against Pornography and Its Harmful Impact on Youth

Blake Lively, Ashley Judd, Billie Eilish, and more take a stand against pornography.

In an era when the internet has made sexually explicit content easily accessible and hypersexualized media is everywhere, a growing number of celebrities are using their platforms to raise awareness about the potential harms of pornography, particularly its impact on children and teenagers.

In this article, we highlight a few prominent figures who have spoken out against the dangers of pornography and its accessibility, aligning with Culture Reframed’s mission to create a healthier digital environment for young minds. As Culture Reframed continues to advocate for a safer and healthier digital landscape for children and teenagers, we applaud these individuals for speaking up about an issue that is so crucial for the well-being of future generations.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively, acclaimed actor and advocate, has been a vocal critic of the pervasive influence of pornography on young minds. In 2017, Lively gave an emotional speech about the heartbreaking reality that is child pornography and implored all of us to get involved by supporting the Child Rescue Coalition and its new technology to track down those who download abusive material.

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd, actor and ​​Culture Reframed Ambassador, is recognized for her activism and as a champion for women’s rights. In 2017, she was the first actress to come forward against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, publicly accusing him of sexual misconduct.

At Culture Reframed’s virtual convening, “Pornography & Prostitution: Connecting the Dots,” Ashley Judd reflected on what she learned from portraying famed feminist Andrea Dworkin in the documentary “My Name is Andrea.” Judd told the audience, “I have learned to reframe my life by looking back at my experiences through the unflinching lens of how Andrea has helped me define male sexual violence, prostitution, and pornography.”

In a candid conversation, Judd shared personal stories from her career as a young actor and what she today describes as “commercial sexual exploitation and a system of child sexual assault, in which capitalism, through corporations, governments, and the public, is complicit.” Watch her full presentation from Culture Reframed’s event here.

Billie Eilish

Popstar Billie Eilish has shared her thoughts on the impact of sexually explicit content on impressionable minds. As a guest on the Howard Stern Show, she shared that she began watching porn when she was 11-years-old and believes it had a significant impact on her relationships. As a role model for many young fans, she encourages open dialogue and education about the dangerous effects of pornography.

Terry Crews

Terry Crews, known for his roles in film and television, along with his background as a former professional football player, has taken a stand against the harmful effects of pornography. Crews has opened up about his own addiction to porn, and now emphasizes the need for parents, educators, and society to address the accessibility of explicit content online and its potential impact on developing minds.

Pamela Anderson

Actor and activist Pamela Anderson has been a vocal advocate for raising awareness about the harms of pornography. In 2016, Anderson co-wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal discouraging the use of pornography alongside Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Through her activism, she highlights the importance of protecting young minds from the negative effects of explicit content, advocating for a more responsible and accountable digital landscape.