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Our online Academic Library is a unique and invaluable resource for researchers, academics, and policymakers around the world. It is the only centralized digital resource in existence to include 500+ peer-reviewed articles published since the early 2000s about the harms of pornography.

If you’re aware of research that should be added to our library, please let us know.

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The library is organized into two main topics or sections: Child & Youth Development, and Adults & Broader Impacts. Each section contains specific topics or categories. There are two main ways to use the library – browsing and searching.

  • You can browse the entire library below, or narrow your browsing using the drop-down menus for topics and categories.
  • You can search for articles using hashtags, keyword terms, and date of publication as discussed further in Finding Research Articles.

The library is an ongoing work-in-progress. We regularly add new articles and research reports. If you wish to submit published articles, reports, or other documents for our consideration, please use the Research Submission Form.

All topicsAdults and Broader ImpactChild and Youth Development
All categoriesAdults and Broader Impact:Child and Youth Development:Child-on-child (Peer-on-peer) Sexual AbuseCybercrimesCybersex, Virtual Reality (VR), Sex Robots, & Sex DollsDiscriminationGrooming, Child Abuse, & Child Sexual ExploitationIndustry & EconomicsLegal ConsiderationsMental HealthPhysical HealthRates, Age, & Impact of Exposure to PornographyReports & SummariesSextingSexuality Education & Therapy with ChildrenShaping Sexual Behaviors & Sexual ScriptsSocialization & Relationship OutcomesViolence

A Comparative Content Analysis of Pre-Internet and Contemporary Child Sexual Abuse Material

SectionChild and Youth Development

A Current Understanding of the Behavioral Neuroscience of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder and Problematic Pornography Use

SectionAdults and Broader Impact

A Descriptive Analysis of the Types, Targets, and Relative Frequency of Aggression in Mainstream Pornography

Author(s): Fritz, N., Malic, V., Paul, B., & Zhou, Y.

SectionAdults and Broader Impact

A Digital Pornography Literacy Resource

SectionChild and Youth Development

A Dyadic Approach to Pornography Use and Relationship Satisfaction Among Heterosexual Couples

SectionAdults and Broader Impact

A Less Examined Crisis of Children Growing up with Technology

SectionAdults and Broader Impact

A Love That Doesn’t Last: Pornography Consumption and Weakened Commitment

SectionAdults and Broader Impact

A Meta-analysis of Media Consumption and Rape Myth Acceptance

Author(s): Hedrick, A.

SectionChild and Youth Development