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Consequence of Pornography Use: Brief Report

Consequence of Pornography Use: Brief ReportFull Article Name: Consequence of Pornography Use: Brief Report

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Introduction: Despite the various investigations carried out to date, the debate on the possible harmful consequences of pornography remains open. There are different opinions on the possible negative or positive consequences of its use. Some authors argue that these consequences are measured by other variables such as attachment, sex education or personality traits, which will determine their magnitude. Method: The objective of this study is to obtain a brief and general approximation to the type of consumption of a Spanish-Speaking population (N=3.700), through a short survey, in order to meet a starting point that allows us to continue the research in this field. Results: The results highlight that 30-45% of the participants could be suffering some difficulties derived from pornography use in different areas (Family, Social, Academic or Work), being unable to stop looking at pornography and using pornography as emotional regulation strategy. A large percentage of participants (55-70%) do not suffer any consequences. Only 7,06% of the subjects spent more money on online sex material than they had planned. Conclusions: It would be interesting to conduct an in-depth evaluation of the possible effects of pornography use and the variables that mediate this process, such as sexual education, personality traits, morality or attachment.


    Villena, A. & Actis, C. (2019). Consequences of pornography use: Brief report. Cuadernos de Medicina Psicosomática y Psiquiatría de Enlace.