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Finding Research Articles

Finding Research Articles

Using this Library

The library is divided into two main sections: Child and Youth Development, and Adults and Broader Impacts. You can search for articles and reports using keywords, authors’ last names, and dates of publication. Within each section, too, specific topics are searchable by hashtags.

Child and Youth Development – these topics and hashtags include:

– Child-on-child or peer-on-peer sexual abuse #childonchild

– Grooming, child abuse, child exploitation material #grooming

– Rates, age, and impact of Exposure #exposure

– Self-produced child exploitation material (sexting) #selfproducedcem

– Sexuality Education #sexualityeducation

– Shaping sexual behaviors and sexual scripts #sexualscripts


Adults and Broader Impacts – these topics and hashtags include:

– Cyber Crime (online sexual harassment, image-based abuse, “revenge porn,” cyber-stalking, etc.) #cybercrime

– Discrimination (sexism, objectification, racism) #discrimination

#racism is sub-hashtag of #discrimination

– Industry & Economics #industry 

– Legal Considerations #legalpolicy

– Mental Health (body image, attitudes, compulsive use, depression, anxiety, dissociation, etc.) #mentalhealth

#addiction is a sub-hashtags of #mentalhealth

          – Neuroscience, cognition, and brain science #neuroscience and #cognition

– Physical Health (injuries, infection, and disease) #physicalhealth

– Responses to address pornography #responses

#therapeutic is a sub-hashtag of #responses

– Socialization and Relationship Outcomes #socialization

– Technology & Substitutes (sex robots, deepfakes, virtual reality or VR, sex abuse in the metaverse, web camming, hentai, adult sex dolls, child sex abuse dolls, teledildonics) #technology

– Violence (rape, sexual violence, grooming, child abuse, prostitution, commercial sexual exploitation) #violence

Additional hashtags for recent articles (published 2021-now) include: #teens, #adolescents, #feminism, #religion, #victimization, #rape, #sextrafficking, #bodyimage, #depression, #anxiety, #dissociation, #memory, and #riskysex.

Each article has been assigned a primary hashtag that indicates the main topic – this is where you will find the article. However, to help indicate other focus areas, each article may be assigned additional hashtags. some of which do not correspond to a category (there are more hashtags than categories). By typing the hashtag of interest into the search function, users will be able to find all articles that have been tagged as part of that topic (regardless of whether it is a primary or secondary hashtag).

Please note, too, that some of the material in the “Adults and Broader Impacts” section pertain to children and youth.

Be sure to use the search function of our library—this will detect any words included in the article title and abstract.

Under the title of each journal article, we indicate with a Yes or No if the article is Open Access (made freely available by the publisher). Culture Reframed is unable otherwise to provide access to journal articles – please follow the indicated processes of the publishing journal to access articles behind a paywall or institution firewall.