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January 2024: Pornography’s Growing Effect on Child Sexual Abuse

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Earlier this month, it was reported that children are the most common perpetrators of child sexual abuse in the UK. Many blame exposure to pornography for this alarming trend.

This issue has been on Culture Reframed’s radar for some time and is the focus of one of our new initiatives, which you can read about below. In the coming months, we’re working with a team of experts to develop resources that will educate and train the professionals who work with children of abuse. Our goal is to raise awareness and protect young people from further harm.

While discouraging news like this demonstrates the prevalence and power of the pornography industry, another recent growing trend is more hopeful: The number of U.S. states signing age verification legislation continues to spread. Montana and North Carolina are the latest states to introduce legislation. As a result, adult websites like Pornhub have blocked these states altogether from accessing their site. That’s a trend we can get behind.


– Maggie Daman

Operations & Development Coordinator, Culture Reframed

Equipping Children’s Advocacy Centers to Safeguard Young People From the Harms of Pornography

Culture Reframed’s latest initiative aims to drive awareness of the links between pornography exposure and child sexual abuse by providing much-needed support to the professionals at Children’s Advocacy Centers — those who provide direct support to children experiencing abuse. Currently, there are no standardized protocols to investigate and address pornography’s effect on child sexual abuse. Our work will change that.

Digital Technology for Positive Impact: Join Us at the Digital4Good Summit

We’re looking forward to the Digital4Good Summit in NYC on February 5. Culture Reframed’s Dr. Mandy Sanchez will participate as a mentor and featured panelist. Sign up below to watch the free livestream!

Like Culture Reframed, Digital4Good is committed to empowering young people against the dangers of digital media. The summit will feature outstanding student innovators who leverage digital media and technology to address significant social, economic, environmental, and educational challenges. These students are celebrated for their innovative solutions and their promise as future leaders. At the Summit, they are paired with industry mentors, gaining invaluable insights and guidance to enhance their projects and amplify their impact.

Decoding Women’s and Girls’ Relationship with Pornography

While pornography is mostly viewed by men, viewership among women and girls is on the rise. Culture Reframed’s new white paper, “Women and Girls’ Use of Pornography: Myths, Facts, and Controversies,” argues that the growing number of women consuming pornography warrants attention.


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