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November 2023: How to Promote Digital Wellness in Teens

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Dear Friends,

Hundreds of you joined our virtual conference earlier this month to explore the impact of pornography on young people. We heard from specialists in multiple fields about the very real and ever-growing dangers the porn industry poses to kids today.

This crisis has been unfolding for many years, but it is only recently that we’re seeing a substantial shift in society’s perception. The widespread effects of pornography on kids — that research has been showing for decades — can no longer be ignored.

Since its inception, Culture Reframed has been working to address the issue of pornography and its impact on young people with a holistic and forward-thinking approach that the problem demands.

We invite you to consider contributing to our work this Giving Tuesday. Below, learn more about how donations allow us to continue our mission and advance our movement. We look forward to a safe digital world for our children, where the harms of hypersexualized media and pornography no longer threaten their well-being.

Help Kids Build Resilience and Resistance to Hypersexualized Media

This Giving Tuesday, please consider making a donation to Culture Reframed. Our team of experts works tirelessly to eradicate the public health crisis of exposure to violent, mainstream porn to young people. Donations make our work possible and allow us to produce renowned programs and resources for parents and educators that are made free and available to all. This includes our Parents Programs, new Porn-Critical Sex Ed Curriculum, and a vast compilation of helpful resources for advocates, academics, policymakers, and other professionals who work with tweens and teens.

Promoting Digital Wellness with Digital4Good

Kids today are exposed to the digital world from a very young age. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are omnipresent in society and nearly impossible to avoid. That is why young people must learn how to develop a healthy relationship with technology.

Digital wellness benefits both physical and emotional health, especially for children and adolescents whose vulnerable brains are in critical stages of development. Culture Reframed has partnered with Digital4Good + #ICANHELP to advance their shared efforts of empowering young people against the dangers of digital media.

Join Us at the National Sex Ed Conference

Culture Reframed’s Dr. Mandy Sanchez looks forward to attending the Center for Sex Education’s National Sex Ed Conference next month in Atlantic City, NJ. It is the largest conference in the U.S. designed exclusively for sexuality educators. If you’re attending, be sure to stop by Culture Reframed’s table to say hello and learn more about our new porn-critical sex ed curriculum!

Understanding the Dangers of the Incel Movement and Its Harmful Views of Women

The incel community is recognized as a particularly violent network of men that is largely unknown to the general public. Research points to a significant link between violence against women, pornography, and incel misogyny.

A new report for Culture Reframed explores this community and their hateful online activity. Here, we share highlights from the research, noting the growing concerns surrounding the incelosphere and the dangers it poses to young people.

What Others Are Saying

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Prosecutors are pursuing Aylo (formerly known as MindGeek) “in connection with MindGeek’s knowing and intentional engagement in monetary transactions involving the proceeds of sex trafficking.” (The Logic)

AI fake nudes are booming. It’s ruining real teens’ lives.

Artificial intelligence makes it frighteningly easy to transform ordinary pictures into realistic nudes, triggering a surge of fake images of women and teens. (Washington Post)

The new law on deepfakes has officially kicked in: Here’s all you need to know

The Online Safety Act has officially kicked in, but there’s still a big problem when it comes to deepfake porn. (Cosmopolitan UK)

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